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Veteran's View: These may be relatively dark days - but we remain in light

These may be relatively dark days but I loved it on Saturday when Talking Heads' classic song of existential angst, 'Once In A Lifetime' from the album Remain In Light, was (part) played at half time.


'And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack And you may find yourself living in another part of the world And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself - Well... how did I get here?'


I never know what to read into the selection of songs that get played (though it is high time to move on from the King's 'Wonder of You') but there have been some classics since recorded music became an integral part of matchdays last season ( and yes, like many of my readers I remember the half-time police band at Highbury fondly!)


What was the DJ trying to infer because it was a random choice and a song of such intensity and meaning that I was startled to hear it in such surroundings? A once in a lifetime moment for Plymouth fans - or a reminder to us Gooners that it is more important to travel than arrive and what we all have is precious?


These may be relatively dark days - but we remain in light.


Dark because of the crushingly long injury list to key players - but light because they will return.


Light because, hey, Jack Wilshere signed as a full pro this week and the kid is a star!


Light because Aaron Ramsey delivered on Saturday and Kieran Gibbs just got better and better as the game went on.


And while I am in glass-half-full-mode (rather than half-empty), Abou Diaby is beginning to look more comfortable, RvP enjoyed the captaincy and Johann Djourou continues to grow while Samir Nasri is getting more consistent in his game as well as more confident...


There is darkness because in my view Denilson and Eboue are several shades below the class we have become accustomed to and playing the former 'on the flanks' as Arsene depressingly mentioned in his notes on Saturday - as a remedy! - seriously curtails the cut and thrust and creativity of ANY team that we have seen him manage this century.


There is darkness because not one of our next five home games (according to Saturday's programmes) is sold out!


What do people want? I fail to understand. I mean I really fail to understand.


As Talking Heads sing further into 'Once In A Lifetime':

'And you may ask yourself

What is that beautiful house?

And you may ask yourself

Where does that highway go to?

And you may ask yourself

Am I right? Am I wrong?

And you may say to yourself



You have been warned.

Reader Comments (2)

I liked the fact that they played "One Step Beyond" - Madness at half time! got the fans dancing and pumped up for the second half! Maybe we should play it at the start!!!

Great choice of song by the Arsenal DJ!

January 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHackney Gooner

Speaking of Saturdays game... I actually got to meet a few of the Arsenal players after the game - all be it with me standing outside a pub with a pint in my hand but the players were being hasselled for autographs by the kids.

All the players were signing autographs, waving at the fans. Eboue (bless him) actually pulled over to keep on signing! Of course he probably feels he needs all the support he can get - im suprised he never got out of his car and popped in for a pint! But nevertheless, he pulled over for the fans so fair play!

Adebayor, Almunia, Jack Wilshire (being driven by his dad), Djourou, and the main man Wenger all waved to the fans. Ade actually went past singing AR-SEN-AL! out of the window.

Van Persie pulls up next... "Robin!" I shout..."What?" he shouts back..."You fancy a pint??" which he replies, "I can't man, im driving!"...he then pulls over to sign more autographs, so i decide to go and get my shirt signed..."so Robin...about that buying" - him and his wife see the amusing side and say "next time"...he signs my shirt and off he man!

The one player who actually told the kids to "get out of the road...i've told you before"...was...Bendtner - im beginning to go off him with his lazy performances on the pitch, then that just topped it off for me - get rid of him i say! interesting look at the players and their attitudes...

January 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHackney Gooner

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